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29.07.2009, 17:07
Using AutoCAD Land Desktop 08, I would like to add an mouse over or some type off hyperlink that would opens a jpg image, to show what the area on the cad dwg looks like.  Any ideas pls!

Vladimir Michl
29.07.2009, 17:33
Try Ctrl+K ([CMD]HYPERLINK[/CMD]) - it is not fully interactive but can make a hyperlink to any document.

30.07.2009, 16:10

Thank You very much! This is a great start, I was able to heperlink the text bus shelter #1 pic, but u have to right click on the text, to properties then at the bottom click hyperlink and the photo opens in explore, which is cool.
Thank You!
P.S. what have you used that funtion for.... and r there more like that ex. ctrl+w, m, n,j etc....