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25.10.2010, 22:04
Last few months I've been suffering a bug w/ layer control.
Occasionally when I drop down my layer list to lock or unlock a particular layer, objects on another layer convert to a random - incorect layer. 
Today was the worst I've experienced it.  I unlocked a layer so I could copy a drawing to make another option.  I worked on the new option for a few hours, and only then did I realize ALL objects on all layers -expect the layer I had unlocked back when - converted o the DEFPOINTS layer. 
- I had to cntl -z (undo) all the way back to the faulty layer slip - Tried the unlock again - second time is always the charm. 
The layer and the objects that suffer the random layer change are NOT involved with the unlock action in any way (that I am aware of.) 

26.10.2010, 16:12
I have never heard of this type of thing happening before. Are you using any 3rd party add-ons/plug-ins?Have you tried un-installing and re-installing Autocad?

26.10.2010, 16:19
Thanks for the reply. 
I'm using Autodesk/Architecture - but nothing else "add on."  I've been asking around, and no one else here at the office appears to suffer such an issue.
And I figure that if this has been an issue w/ anyone else in the industy - it certainly would have been posted. 
Corporate has been pushing that we finally install 2011. 
Your suggestion may be my motivation to finally get that done.  Uninstall - and conveniently RE install w/ 2011. 
Hopefully this monkey won't follow.