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08.02.2008, 15:28
Hello, I was wondering if there is a limit to the number of xrefs you are allowed in one drawing. Or am I just trying to do to much?
I am currently using AutoCAD Map 3d 2008.
We have many drawings that are in our overall area. I am trying to break them down per town. Each town will consist of about 600 or maps. So I am xrefing each map into one. But when I get to about 300 or so maps, I get a fatal error and CAD shuts down.
FATAL ERROR: Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x1db00384 Exception at 620bfeaeh
Bottom line, is that I am trying to xref 600+ individual maps into one map. Then I could freeze and thaw the layers that I want to view depending on the situation.
 paulk2008-02-08 15:37:20

Vladimir Michl
08.02.2008, 16:21
I don't think there is a xref limit as low as 300 (if any). But xrefs may be memory hungry (similar to a large drawing containg all their data) so make sure you have enough RAM. Also please note that any damaged xref my cause fatal error in the main drawing.

08.02.2008, 16:40
I was wondering also, if it could maybe be a memory issue. My comp is a pentium 2.8ghz, with 2 gig ram, running XP.