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25.11.2013, 23:04

Hi Everybody, can someone help creating 2 different line types as per the attached files. Thxuploads/418057/ROAD_CTL.raruploads/418057/line_dot-smaller.rar

John Connor
26.11.2013, 11:44
Do you know what a linetype definition file looks like?I'd suggest "borrowing" one of the default linetypes in AutoCAD and tweaking it to get the length of line you are looking for.  Look at DASHDOTX2.Here you go.  It's the linetype definition file for DASHDOT2.  Now all you have to do is edit the line length and the spacing between the end of the line and the dot.  Don't forget to change the description too.*DASHDOTX2,Dash dot (2x) ____  .  ____  .  ____  .  ___A,1.0,-.5,0,-.5Have you given any thought to just changing the scale of a line drawn with one of the default DASHDOT linetypes?Your "sample" linetype (road_ctl) has odd dimensions.  The line length measures 492.4408 and the gap between the end of the line and the dot measures 36.6031.  What is making you use those dimensions?I did not look at the second linetype (smaller).

John Connor2013-11-26 12:57:18

John Connor
26.11.2013, 13:25
Coding a linetype (source: Ralph Grabowski).Use a positive number to indicate a dash. For example, 0.25
means a dash 0.25 units long.
Use a negative number for gaps. For example, -0.1 is a gap
0.1 units long.
And use a zero to draw a dot. A 0 is a single dot.
The comma is needed to separate the codes. For example: .25,-.1,0,-.1
The letter "A" forces the linetype to align between
two endpoints. That's what causes the linetypes to start and stop
with a dash, adjusted to fit.

John Connor2013-11-26 13:31:25

26.11.2013, 18:00

Thank you John for the valuable information,actually I do have to work with unusual line lenghts at a time in particular situations Thank you again

John Connor
26.11.2013, 18:09
No time like the present to learn a new skill.  Have fun creating your new linetypes.