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31.01.2020, 04:56
I try to make a block, the insertion point is the corner inside the red circle.The z coordinate shows something like 0.0000000068The smallest precision in the UNITS control is less: 0.00000000, so it doesn't help.Thus the ID command shoes only 0.00000000FLATTEN causes troubles, it destroyes some of the shapes that have the same characteristics.CHANGE-->Elev shows O.K.: 0.00000000uploads/302330/Question.dwg

John Connor
31.01.2020, 13:38
What command are you using to obtain the Z coordinate 0.0000000068? Couldn't you just erase the offending line(s) and redraw them with a Z of 0.00000000000?John Connor2020-01-31 18:41:53

05.02.2020, 12:50

Hi Karol To increase the precision change UNITS to Scientific.To make the lines to z=0; select the line then in the Properties Dialogue change Z-Coordinate to 1 then change back to 0.