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04.02.2011, 22:02
Help!  My mac 2011 AutoCAD keeps crashing whenever I try to plot with a custom (PC created or DraftSight [mac] created files) ctb file.  I know the file is not corrupt, it happens on any dwg file, and I cannot figure out why.  plotting to pdf, preview, or to the actual plotter DOES work 1 out of 20 times, seemingly random.  Any obvious answer as to what might not be compatible here?    

John Connor
04.02.2011, 23:21
Why would you be using a PC or Draftsight created ctb file?  Did they come from a client?  What's not compatible here?  Could it be that although the file type names are the same the file structure itself is different enough between a PC and a Mac that they cannot be swapped?  I'm just guessing here.

Vladimir Michl
04.02.2011, 23:28
The printer driver may be faulty. Or you may be using incompatible DWG files (perhaps from Draftsight?). Please nota that DraftSight uses forged DWG format files which are not fully compatible with AutoCAD.

John Connor
04.02.2011, 23:35
If the DWG file was incompatible would the drawing even load in the first place?  I like your idea about the printer driver better.

07.02.2011, 15:26
A little more info:  I am just making the switch from PC to Mac for AutoCAD, so all of the dwg templates and our in-house ctb files have been in existence for quite some time.  I have since modified both the template and the ctb file (as mentioned earlier) in case compatibility is between mac and PC.  Creating from-scratch a new dwg template will be my next move, but that shouldnt be the issue.Plot driver:  this happens most frequently on the large scale plotter, but also on the simple color copier.  I've had problems in the past with the driver, but it prints fine from the windows AutoCAD end (using a parallels program, same computer for PC and mac, plotting from Mac side already anyway).  I will look into reinstalling the driver, but I'm not convinced that could be the problem...Will update again soon...