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10.02.2015, 16:32

pulled the material definition command but didn't see an option to increase definition ?

John Connor
10.02.2015, 16:53
The material definition command being what exactly?Why did you start another thread?  For the sake of continuity you should have asked your follow-up question in the first thread you started.

10.02.2015, 17:09

Not sure how to adjust material definition, thought it was a command

John Connor
10.02.2015, 17:23
See, this is why you should have continued the conversation in your first thread where I mentioned Material Mapping.  Use the command MATERIALMAP to activate the material mapping gizmo.  You do know all this is covered in your AutoCAD Help file don't you?Re: Mapping Materials.  Look at this... you know you could create your own custom materials?

John Connor2015-02-10 17:42:18