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04.12.2013, 20:04
We are having an issue on one of our PC's where the operator attempts to use the measure command and start from a point but the command "jumps" and gives the wrong point in the measurement. I hate doing a reinstall, we just did one about a month ago. Any ideas?

John Connor
05.12.2013, 00:01
Your first choice of action should never be uninstalling/reinstalling AutoCAD.  That would be like swapping out the gas tank on your car because you ran out of gas.Maybe it's jumping because the operator has SNAP enabled.

05.12.2013, 14:03
I was also thinking maybe it had to do with not being in model space. I will check both of those today.

05.12.2013, 16:13
It's the Snap settings, untick the snap settings and then you will have no problems, sometimes it does tick this, without knowing, the comand can be quite frustrating.

John Connor
05.12.2013, 16:54
SNAP can be enabled merely by accidentally hitting the F9 key with your fingers.  Any other way it is enabled would be deliberate unless you were using a custom lisp routine that required SNAP to be enabled and when finished it failed to disable the command.  This is bad form as far as lisp gurus are concerned.