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14.11.2012, 14:17
Hello All,First of all, apologies to the mods if this is inappropriate or in the wrong place.I'm currently undertaking an MSc research dissertation and I come to you cap in hand in the hope that you can spend a little time completing my survey. It would be greatly appreciated. this stage the aim is to investigate what the BIM phenomenon will mean for SMEs practicing architecture, perhaps providing an implementation framework based upon the experiences of organisations. Or if the results suggest it, discussing why traditional practice will prevail!However, I would urge anyone with an opinion on BIM to complete the survey - I require information from organisations who have already implemented, are considering the option and those with no plans to adopt ever!Your feedback on the survey format is welcomed and I will provide the results to those who completed the survey if they wish.I can be contacted at for futher BIM discussion!Cheers, David