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27.01.2016, 13:33
I've got 25 folders, each containing approx 10 DGN files that have been extracted from a 3D model. I need to convert them all to DWG format.In the past, I have simply performed the obvious 'DGNIN' command on each individual file. But this is very time consuming.I have done a little bit of research on batch converters online, but am yet to find anything that seems to be ideal.Does anyone know of any software and / or procedures that may help speed things up for me?Thanks in advance!

John Connor
27.01.2016, 13:54
What batch converters are you referring to?Why aren't they ideal?  What don't they do?Did you look at this one? asked the same question over at the AutoDesk Discussion forums back in 2011.  A respondent posted a custom lisp routine you might want to check out.  There are four pages of posts.  I suggest you read through them all.

John Connor2016-01-27 14:35:30