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13.03.2014, 07:50
Hi everyone.I was using AutoCad 2009 for designing electrical schematic drawings and plot them to one PDF file using PrintContuctor. For example 200 dwgs to one pdf file.Recently i installed AutoCad 2012 and i can't use PrintContuctor for printing.Is there an application to do this multiple plotting to one file?For AutoCad 2004 i know there's a software called AutoCad batchplot utility which is doing this job.

philippe JOSEPH
13.03.2014, 08:29
Hello ventour, I don't know if you are used to it but your answer comes right here under in the related tips :
Tip 5677 : How to print a multi-pages PDF from AutoCAD?

13.03.2014, 08:45
i was trying do to apply that tip but after that the result is AutoCad when starting stays at the loading screen "Preparing working environment...LAYER",attached screenshot.

philippe JOSEPH
13.03.2014, 10:04
Hello again ventour, I don't know your problem, I use publish to do a multi-pages PDF and have a full release of Adobe Acrobat.

John Connor
13.03.2014, 10:27
There is no way that running the PUBLISH command when then cause AutoCAD not to load the next time round.  Use Task Manager to kill the frozen start up.  Shut down the computer completely.  Wait 20 seconds then start it up.  Open AutoCAD.  What happens?

13.03.2014, 11:04
Still AutoCAD is not loading. It freezes to the point i mentioned.

philippe JOSEPH
13.03.2014, 11:27

Yes, AutoCAD shouldn't freeze with a PDF print.
I remember that our AutoCAD slowed when we had our .ctb files not loaded in our (C) or (D) disks but in the standard place defined in :
options, files, ... as shown up here.
 philippe JOSEPH2014-03-13 11:34:55

John Connor
13.03.2014, 12:23
Sounds like something else is going on.Is this computer networked?

14.03.2014, 07:00
Uninstall,install AutoCad 2012 and everything is fixed now. Thanks for your answers