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06.10.2009, 15:41
Hi Guys,, my name is MD and i am a HUGE AUTOCAD fan, i just did an AutoCAD Video and i want your help to view it for the contast Reasons to Attend Autodesk University, so please view it and tell me what you think?

08.10.2009, 20:29
It is noticeable that since you wake up until you fall asleep you are thinking in Autocad...good stuff eh?
Video is good! but I don't know if the music background comes with the video you show, because if it comes... I think it doesn't remark the good pictures you're showing, and also it is in the middle while you're saying something important.

It is my opinion, hopefully will help you a little bit.

09.10.2009, 13:49

hi MD,I agree with Ferna, maybe you can turn down your background music so we can hear you better. It's a nice video though, I'm just wondering what you want to achieve with it?
coyism2009-10-09 13:50:42

09.10.2009, 15:00
Well that's why I have two diffrent video on my file , one with high audio and one with low and the reason for this it's a conest by