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16.03.2016, 18:55
any suggestions how can i organise the room divisions for my home.plan is attachedRegards

John Connor
16.03.2016, 19:32
I took a quick look at your house and noticed the walls on the second floor don't quite match up with those on the first floor.  What happened?  Earthquake?Two floors....ok.  So what did you expect to have for rooms on the first floor?  Kitchen, living room, pantry, etc.  What about the second floor?  What were you expecting to have there?  I'm guessing bedrooms and bathrooms but how many of each and would there be any other type of room like a home office for instance?Does any part of the second floor overhang the first floor?Is that all the windows you planned on having?  Are their locations fixed?  Can we add or move windows?What were you expecting to do with that odd "L" shaped area out in front of the house opposite the stairs on the interior?What's up with the three really long windows overlooking the terrace and how do you even get out there or isn't that necessary?What is the height between finished floors (need that so the number of stairs can be properly calculated).Is this supposed to be a metric drawing?  Seems a bit off.  Did you draw it?
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16.03.2016, 20:29
Space planning really depends on lifestyle, family, what you/homeowner wants/requires.As for 1st, 2nd flrs not quite the same profile as pointed out above:One of the benefits of CAD is layers. Suggest design of 2nd flr on top of 1st flr, which is on top of foundation to eliminate such problems. i.e: you have layers WALL, WINDOW_LIGHT, etc. You could preface them 1-WALL, 1-WINDOW_LIGHT, 2-WALL, 2-WINDOW-LIGHT, etc. to differentiate 1st & 2nd flr entities, using different colors in order to "stack" your floors.I notice also what appears to be a ~6' cantilever in 2nd flr house rear without support beneath. That's a bit far to do practically assuming wood framing.

John Connor
16.03.2016, 21:39
Is there a reason why some of the exterior walls are much thicker than others?I think a couple of the red rectangles (posts?) on the two floors don't line up either.Information would be appreciated.

John Connor
16.03.2016, 21:44
Robert_D: Since the drawing was done in what I surmise was supposed to be in metric units shouldn't your overhang dimension be expressed in meters?The more I think about it the more I suspect we have a student taking an AutoCAD course or studying architecture who needs help with a project and basically he is trying to get someone here to do his assignment for him.  Someone needs a bit more practice with AutoCAD.

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16.03.2016, 22:00
[QUOTE=John Connor]Robert_D: Just how did you get that there was a 6 foot overhang?  I measured the width of the front door opening and got 1425[/QUOTE]Assuming millimeters. Larger of the double entry doors is ~2'-9", stair width ~2'-6". Sounds about right. [QUOTE=John Connor]Someone needs a bit more practice with AutoCAD.[/QUOTE]Agreed

John Connor
16.03.2016, 22:36
We should probably be expressing dimensions in either millimeters, centimeters or meters shouldn't we?

16.03.2016, 23:32
[QUOTE=John Connor]We should probably be expressing dimensions in either millimeters, centimeters or meters shouldn't we?[/QUOTE]You asked how I derived the 6' cantilever. I explained in units native to us both.

John Connor
17.03.2016, 08:54
nabil: When is this assignment due?  What school do you attend?

John Connor
17.03.2016, 10:46
Before I can attempt to layout the rooms there are some questions that need answering.  Refer to the image below.Let's start with the left side (second floor).Why is there a double wall on some sides of the house?Why do three of the posts not line up with the posts on the first floor?Why would you have triangle shaped stairs?  Have you ever tried to move furniture up or down a set of stairs where some steps are triangular?  Miss a step and you'll break an ankle or worse.Why is there an odd little bump out to the wall in the lower left hand corner adjacent to the stairs?Now let's switch to the right side (first floor).Is that supposed to be a pipe chase in the center of the house (the box with the "X" through it)?  Wouldn't it extend to the second floor?It appears that the second floor not only overhangs in back but also in the front too above the entrance.  Is that the way you designed the house or did you make a mistake?The two areas in the front of the house with the "?" in them.  Are they only one story high (flat roof)?  If so would they show up as dashed in the second floor plan?  What is the purpose of the "L" shaped area?Note that the outline of the second floor (orange color) overhangs the right side of the first floor.  Is that another mistake or was it intentional?See that arrow to the far right of the stairs pointing at a gap between two lines?  Those lines are slightly offset from each other.  Why?  And why is there a gap?Is this going to be masonry construction?  Perhaps concrete block and stucco?  Are the posts actually concrete columns?When is this assignment due to be handed in?  You have a few mistakes to correct first before you move on to laying out the rooms.Oh, and one last thing, can we get the answers to the questions in my first post too?  Without the necessary information it would be difficult to proceed.  Thanks!

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John Connor
17.03.2016, 13:35
Hint: Can't get anything accomplished without some information dude. I think nabilsemann decided to change his field of study to economics.

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