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25.03.2020, 18:50
Using my student license, I've been working on a bit of a passion project making my own custom subwoofer enclosure. I have it created in AutoCAD2020, but now I want the measurements of each individual piece so I can cut them out. There is 34 pieces and it would be too time consuming to just use the measuring tool. Is there a way to be given the dimensions of each individual piece?

philippe JOSEPH
26.03.2020, 08:30
Hello stefanerickson, when you draw a piece you should place the necessary dimensions for it to be fabricated and not use the "measuring tool" all the time.You should use the commands : DIMLINEAR , DIMALI , DIMRADIUS , DIMDIAMETER , DIMANGULAR , etc... and leave these dimensions in place that you can modify/update easily with TRIM for example.If you have had a technical curse you should know that you have to place first the 3 main dimensions Length x Width x Thickness + all the others.When you begin an AutoCAD file you should use an already setted file whith all the necessary utilities such as :Paper size for printing, tittle block, layers, DIMENSION STYLE(S) and all the "little" usefull blocks.Please tell us if this helped or not.Do you have some AutoCAD technical documentation(s) other than the "on line help" F1 ?It's possible on the internet a lot of tutorials, do a search with : AutoCAD tutorials.

John Connor
26.03.2020, 11:40
Use the Dimension tools located in the Ribbon at the top of your screen.  For a good tutorial on the topic go to  When you get to the first page click on Tutorials.  Scroll down the page and find the section labeled: CAD Level One - Getting Started With AutoCAD.  Find and click on Lesson 1-8: Assignment 6 (Layers Dimensions Text Scale).  Finally, at the next page scroll down until you get to the section that is labeled: Dimensioning in AutoCAD.