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17.05.2018, 10:10
Hi all,I don't post much, but wanted to share something with you, to avoid a similar situation!I've used CAD for half my life (so I should know better!), but yesterday I was using it as usual and suddenly noticed it slowing down massively. I started thinking, I no, not now! I checked error logs in Win management, downloaded (but didn't install) the latest graphics card driver.I then opened another drawing - no problem. So it's related to one drawing. Audit, Purge, still an issue. Then I zoomed into some hatching which was refreshing poorly and there it was. I meant to select solid, but went for angle when filling an external wall about 100m+ long. Doh!I'm sure all you of you are experienced with CAD, just wanted to share a silly mistake which wasted about 30mins of my time, and time is money!