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13.10.2008, 05:56
Hi everyone i was just wondering if anyone could help me. I am trying to copy and paste with base point from one drawing to another but it doesnt work it keeps coming up with '_pasteclip' and does nothing, i have no idea what is wrong tryed everything can think of this has never happened to me before. hopefully some one can help cause it is really annoying.
thanks everyone.

13.10.2008, 08:18
Check keyboard shortcust in CUI.
If you are using AutoCAD 2007, apply last service pack and updates, please.

Vladimir Michl
13.10.2008, 16:16
See also:

29.10.2008, 18:20
well, I guess this should be easy solution:
I've had this kind of problems thro the office many times and one of following 4 solutions always helped:
1) "purge" or "-purge/all"?
2) drawing audit
3) open close autocad
4) rename block. There might be block with the same reference/name so it will not let you to copy it

hopefuly it will help in future :)

30.10.2008, 07:44
Do you check your current layer or past object layer on/off ?

31.10.2008, 18:29
This same problem has happened to me before. Try zoom extents after you have pasted into your new drawing. Perhaps the scales are different, and what you pasted is just out of your sight. Hope this helps.