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30.03.2020, 12:23
HELLO Hope you all are well Please suggest me the best PDF to AUTOCAD convertor.#stayathome #staysafe #covid-19

philippe JOSEPH
30.03.2020, 13:26
Hello Zuhaib, try : it offers 30 times 3 files to convert for free.At each convertion do a batch of three files because after the 30 times you will have to buy the product.I do recommand not to directly use the produced DWG file but to copy/paste it into an already setted file of yours because the settings won't be correct, inches, text style, etc...You will have to scale the entire file by using for example a very well known big dimension, use ALIGN with the option of scaling, it's very usefull.You will have to clean  the file by erasing the entire layer defining solid hatches, take a look at the layers's names.Maybe you will have to rotate some texts by 90 degrees, select all of them and use the properties palette to place them at the wright angle and not rotationg them one by one.IMPORTANT : the result is not 100% precise and will be only used for general layouts.Please tell us if this helped or not.Force and courage for all of you.

philippe JOSEPH2020-03-30 13:32:11

02.04.2020, 15:28
Dear Zuhaib.You can use (Able2Extract Professional ) apk.its the best apk to convert to DWG to PDF.

03.04.2020, 17:13
Hi Zuhab,Perhaps PDF Import or PDF Underlay (available commands in acad 2018) are an option.Besides that i have good experience with reaConvertor.Keep in mind that the source (PDF) file determines the quality of the (outcome) converted file.Regards.

03.04.2020, 18:22
thanx everyone.... I am going tou check all converters one by one.

philippe JOSEPH
03.04.2020, 19:00
Hello Zuhaib and rebellio, I don't know about PDF Import but is it giving real lines and texts like anydwg or 'just' an image to eventually redraw on ?I sometimes use this technique for 'light' studies. 

03.04.2020, 20:39
Dear Philip,Yes it is giving real-time line, text and hatch with its original layers.

philippe JOSEPH
03.04.2020, 21:02
OK, Zuhaib it's very good to know because having access to a PDF and not being able to get the REAL dwg is really painfull, time consumering and leads to a lot of unprecisions.

03.04.2020, 22:14
Dear PhilipAfter converting the drawing, you will have just need to scale the drawing into mm or inch...

10.05.2020, 10:25
Before, some years ago, I tried to revert a pdf to dwg. The result was awful. I will try check these sites. Thanks for sharing 

philippe JOSEPH
11.05.2020, 11:56
Yes rikono, the result is very approximate and for me it's only for a general use but it's already a miracle so we live with it and its limits.