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25.02.2010, 17:30
I googled PDF to DWG conversion and found several products available.  I am using AutoCAD 2008.  Can anybody give me a recommendation on a product they were satisfied with.  The PDF files I have seem pretty clean.  I am converting electrical drawings which consist mostly of lines and text.

25.02.2010, 20:28
I used to have this one called 'cutepdf' in my printer/plotter name section ....worked fine for what I needed at the time.

25.02.2010, 21:53
I suggest you try "scan2cad" free trial & see how it works for you. believe the "cutepdf" mentioned is a freeware pdf creator for AutoCAD, not a raster to vector program.

25.02.2010, 22:02
Or, try They too have a free download trial.
*.pdf to CAD produces, or my older program does, a *.dxf file.
Open 'n save to *.dwg.
I use this in a pinch, be sure to sale the resulting *.dxf using a known dimension.
I haven't seen any program that works as well as anyone would like.
I.E.: text "E" would be four lines, not text.
Arc's are frequently segmented and as far as I know, and I have tried, to join the chunks together, forget that! I usually draw my own arc and delete the segmented junque. 

04.03.2010, 05:33
Thanks Tankman! I've downloaded the trial version and seem to like it so far.  Yeah, it's not perfect but it will  probably save me about 1/2 the time as starting from scratch. cadelect472010-03-04 05:34:26

08.03.2010, 12:36
[QUOTE=cadelect47]Thanks Tankman! I've downloaded the trial version and seem to like it so far.  Yeah, it's not perfect but it will  probably save me about 1/2 the time as starting from scratch. [/QUOTE]

PDF2CAD is nice to have when you need it now.
Where are you posting from? I didn't see location in your profile.
Did the current version of PDF2CAD segment the drawing something awful? I was thinking upgrade but, if the drawing is bits 'n pieces, my current copy I'll keep.
Have a good day.

09.03.2010, 19:15
The drawings were PDF vector files.  I haven't tried any other conversion software to compare to but the results were what I expected from what I've come to understand from other users.  Curved lines and text were segmented.  I'm considering contacting their support to see if there may be some tips and tricks.  Oh, the version is V8 and I'm from Pittsburgh, PA.  I'm going to continue to investigate and hopefully I'll get some more feedback from this forum.

10.03.2010, 11:43
[QUOTE=tulip3D]I used to have this one called 'cutepdf' in my printer/plotter name section ....worked fine for what I needed at the time.[/QUOTE]

CutePDF was a free program to create *.pdf files.
I doubt CutePDF would convert a *.pdf to a *.dwg  file. Were you able to convert *.pdf files? does convert *.pdf's. A free trial is available online for download.
You could open the *.pdf and save as a *.jpg file.
Insert the image, scale the image, send the image to background, start tracing. You could, after tracing, delete the image.Tankman2010-03-10 11:46:02

10.03.2010, 14:21
Tankman, nope, no pdf to CAD, only the other way around.
And im running adobe pro 8 now, still no pdf to CAD. From what ive heard its not a good thing to do, aka, doesnt scale properly, segmented lines, an so on. Ive done the trace method too, it works but id rather have the mfg specs and draw from scratch...I hate tracing, lol, reminds me of the 'board' days.
And in addition, in another post Tankman, you said you were interested in inventor? I tell you I use it daily and I will NEVER create another 3D object in Acad EVER after using Inventor....its the cats ass

10.03.2010, 14:23
dayily, day-ly? damn spelling lol

10.03.2010, 15:03
[QUOTE=tulip3D]dayily, day-ly? damn spelling lol[/QUOTE]

Using MS Explorer on the www?
Try a free spell checker loads to tools in your browser. Excellent free program.
When posting, before clickin' "Post Reply", go to Tools> ieSpell.
The program checks your online spelling and offers corrections and options for misspelled words. 
I spelled "mispelled", ieSpell tagged the word and offered "misspelled."
I corrected it, very nice little download. Been usin'  ieSpell for several years.  Never any problems.

10.03.2010, 15:06
Yeah, I know, but my company frowns upon downloads...and monitors them all. Its not worth me catchin sh*t for it. So teh mispels wil continew, lol

07.04.2010, 16:25
I just recently tried BackToCAD and it seems to be a better output than pdf2cad.  It's less expensive and they combine raster and vector into a single package which pdf2cad is only for vector PDF's.  Seems like a no brainer.  Any BackToCAD users out there with any feedback?

07.04.2010, 22:45
I just converted three *.pdf's to *.dxf files.
Ugh. The *.pdf's were images.
Inserted the image in AutoCAD, sent them to the background (draworder), scaled, went to work tracing or, when known, used the dimensions in the image.
Simple stuff but, got me goin'.
I trashed the images after use.
FYI. The *.pdf once converted delivered a blank *.dxf file but the images were in the file where I downloaded and saved the *.pdf.
I might have waited days for an emailed *.dwg file.

12.04.2010, 15:30
Hi all,
if you have PDF that was published from CAD software (not scanned as PDF), you can use ProgeCAD to convert it to dwg file. It does an excellent job, much better than any other software (and I tried many). It is very similar software to AutoCAD and you can use trial for few weeks.regardsKarol

12.04.2010, 21:26
[QUOTE=tulip3D]I used to have this one called 'cutepdf' in my printer/plotter name section ....worked fine for what I needed at the time.[/QUOTE]

My GF, Karen Ferguson, recently applied for work at your facility.
Might you be able to help? A little bit? She emailed her resume last week to your Commerce Boulevard facility off Route 663.
Any help, appreciated. TANKS in advance.

12.04.2010, 22:09
Tank, just asked our HR dept about her, said she did get it. Couldnt tell me much more because of privacy reasons, but in short she said that she has a sh*t load of applicants, alot of competition (sign of the times I suppose?).
She apperently is looking for assemblers/QC dept personnal...personally I couldnt be an assembler, would blow my brains out from the repetition. And QC has it tough, ALOT of detailing type crap they have to do. Verify ALL of my dimensions and what not on incomming components. Not easy, lol.
So, I wish her luck, but thats about all I can do, im in the engineering dept.
But that was good forward thinking, to ask me.
Take care man, and tell her to keep her head up!

13.04.2010, 02:41
My GF put in an application at your Commerce Boulevard facility.
If you have any input, Karen Ferguson sent her resume via email to your website.
Any help would be appreciated. TANKS.

14.04.2010, 07:00

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