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21.03.2012, 22:56
I have AutoCAD 2012 at work.  I do a lot of very tight plots with text and line-work combined.  If there is text within a certain distance from the left edge of a viewport, (while plotting paperspace, of course), the text is cut off.  If I do nothing other than expand the viewport, it appears in the plot.  Text is visible in the workspace, in the plot preview and in model space.  But it disappears when plotted.  This is true regardless of plotter used, plot size, color, B/W, pc3 or regular.Usually, I just laugh it off, resize the viewport and plot again.  This time though, it really bugged me.The plot in question contained a dynamic block with text inside it.  It's just a rectangle with an adjustable leader attached.  The rectangle, leader and even wipeout box plotted, but 1/2 the text was too close to the viewport and disappeared!  I dare you to explain this one. 

John Connor
21.03.2012, 23:41
Resize the viewport so it matches up with the centerline of the nearest border.

21.03.2012, 23:57
I'll make an example drawing for analysis tomorrow.John, thanks for the reply, but it doesn't really apply.  The viewport with the dynamic block was located in the upper right quadrant of a sparsely populated B size drawing, well away from any border.  (Unless I misunderstood your reply.)

John Connor
22.03.2012, 10:36
Since I've never experienced the problem even in the most complex and crowded drawings I've dealt with I'll have to wait and see what you post.

22.03.2012, 16:02
Sooo, I have the dwg, (edited enough for my CAD Manager), but don't see how to attach it.  

22.03.2012, 20:57
The condition appears to be intermittent.  Yesterday, I could make it happen at will, just by enlarging or reducing the viewport.  Today, after some experimentation, I can't make it happen.Some of my findings:The condition seems to happen when reducing the plot from a full size D drawing being sent to a Canon iPF750 plotter down to a B size actually plotted on a Canon C2880i multipurpose machine.  I did not apply the reduction to the drawing in the plot dialog, just clicked "scale to fit".  Presto, problem occurs.  I intended to plot just the offending window, as the scans I took didn't look that great.  I selected the offending viewport with a window, applied the change of size to the drawing and boom, no problem.  Returning to the original plotter setup- no more problem.So, to me, it appears to be some kind of interplay with the plotter drivers, 2012 plot setups and maybe Windows 7 plot handler.Don't ya love a good mystery? 

22.03.2012, 20:58
Still don't see a way to post images or dwg's, though.

22.03.2012, 22:08

Try using and post the link here.