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14.11.2009, 07:18
I am new to AutoCad and I am using AutoCad 2009. Is there a tutorial or step by step method to create a 0 - 16 bar pressure gauge with major ticks at 1 bar intervals and minor ticks at 0.1 bar intervals. Also it will require a pointer at 0.1 bar intervals. I need to make 160 different images with the pointer moving 0.1 bar each time until it reaches 16 bar. I then need to save each individual drawing as a .jpg. This will then be used as an analogue graphic driven by 4 - 20 ma in a Graphic User Interface. Any help with this project would be much appreciated. Regards quizman

14.11.2009, 09:10
This is not easy to describe if you are REALLY new to cad. You could draw it with just a few commands - circle, line, copy, trim, text, move, rotate, etc.See a typical gauge at looks about what you need but with more divisions for 0.1 bar.To make decent  jpg's you may need to thicken the divisions and text by using polylines with width rather than lines, and True Type fonts rather than .shx fonts, etc.To create 160 images I suggest automating the process with a "script" file (or lisp).Adjusting the drawing for each image would involve rotating the pointer by a pre-set amount (angle), then the command "jpgout" then an image file name; repeat.  The pointer should be a "block" or "group" so it can be rotated as a single object. This series of commands could be written using a word processor, saved to a ".scr" file.