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23.03.2012, 13:41
I face a problem in printing a drawing after I insert a text copied from a word document. Portion of the text is Arabic typed right to left and portion of the text is English typed left to right. I enabled my Windows XP to Arabic first. Then I inserted the text in the drawing. I can see the text properly inserted in the drawing as appearing in the word document. But when printed it is not recognisable as an Arabic text as each charecter seems to be mirrored and lost its order also.  Please rectify this problem Thank you.

philippe JOSEPH
23.03.2012, 15:24
For the mirrored texts try the variable MIRRTEXT setting to <1> and not <0> and MIRROR the text.
We use 2 arabic fonts : AKHBR.TTF and AKHBRBD.TTF loaded in :
C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2008\Fonts and it works on the screen and on the paper.
I can upload an example but you will have to get those fonts.
I will not be in the office next week.
Ask for more......

23.03.2012, 21:13
if you not finding 2 arabic fonts : AKHBR.TTF and AKHBRBD.TTF ,go to Google search, then type font: your needed font name,download and paste this font in the directory, that's it.

24.03.2012, 06:53

Thank you for replying me... I tried as per your view, I downloaded these two files and i tried to plot, it does not work. Am using Autocad2010, actually my problem is, If i select any Arabic fonts like Simplified Arabic font it types in English but we have to select from key board (Alt+Shift) to change to Arabic language. It works perfectly even it previews perfect But when printed it is not recognizable as an Arabic text as each charecter seems to be mirrored and
lost its order also. I guess there must be some settings in Autocad it is not the problem of Arabic fonts. Please try to rectify this problem thank you.
abdlaz2012-03-24 07:25:03

24.03.2012, 08:50
It's might be software settings problem, i can solve this and give you solution, but now i'm little busy, waiting for my reply,thank you.

24.03.2012, 10:02
Thank you so much... am waiting for your reply... Please try to solve this problem. Thank you once again...:)

25.03.2012, 07:13

Hello..! Boss can you help me out. Am waiting for your reply. What is the solution for this please help me, thank you.
abdlaz2012-03-25 07:13:33

26.03.2012, 14:39

This seems to be a software problem but just for an alternate or for printing purpose, you can make that text an image and then insert in your drawing. It might solve your printing problem.