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10.11.2009, 12:04
hello everybody,
I am using autocad 2005.I am facing one more problem as well.
in 2d drafting. i can't select with window selection. like i use one command like trim ,in if i net to trim multipal lines , i have to select one by one . not window selection.
i do not know , i think i turn off one option or in autocad 2005 we can't do it. or any patch i have to run.
please  guys if u know somthing please let me know.

10.11.2009, 15:15
Check that these parameters are set as this
pickadd   = 1pickauto  = 1-3pickstyle = 1
Also in options there are are som settings:
Options > "Selection" tab > "Selection Modes" section, check the box for "Implied Windowing"
/TobiasRingis2009-11-10 15:15:50