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26.03.2008, 20:26
When a PDF is requested we save a lot of time by batching all our sheets into one DWF file. Then print the DWF to PDF. This works most of the time but on occassion we get a big black line streaking through an entire sheet.
Any one have a resolution to this problem?

26.03.2008, 20:32
Download CutePDF.
It is a program that works like a printer.  After it installs you select it just as you would any printer.  It out puts to a folder in your My Doc and you can do what you will from there.

26.03.2008, 20:35
Thanks, I will let you know the outcome.

26.03.2008, 20:57
You are the man (or woman) - All my problems have been resolved.

26.03.2008, 20:59
It is a really neat bit of software for creating PDFs
   MANBreeze1042008-03-26 21:00:15