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19.05.2014, 07:06

Hi, I am facing the problem with alignspace command  While I am using this command I am unable to rotate the drawing as I required  Please help me !

philippe JOSEPH
19.05.2014, 07:26
Hello miryala, try this :
On the other hand I have my own method that works also in 3D :
I set an UCS in the direction that I want ( save it if has to be used again ) and use the command PLAN in the desired viewport.
You can use UCSFOLLOW set at : 1 but it can be exhausting for your eyes as AutoCAD will make a zoom extends at each UCS change.
Tip : You can set an UCS on a view ( option View ), you can set a view with an UCS ( command PLAN ). 
See also the Tip 3249 right here under.philippe JOSEPH2014-05-19 07:28:41