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10.03.2008, 13:06
hi all,
i m new here, i have to remove this error
"produced by an autodesk educational product"
from my cad files, i dont have this kind of version of cad, this error is coming in print form. plzzZ help me if u have any idea about that.

10.03.2008, 14:43
Save the drawing as DXF and than open it and save it as DWG.If you have a lot off drawings with this problm it is possible to ask Autodesk an Cleaning programm which will clean it in batch.

11.03.2008, 09:43

thank U  very   very   very   very   much     FRIEND.....!
but some times this error "Invalid symbol table record name: "" on line 24148.Invalid or incomplete DXF input -- drawing discarded."
press enter to continue....
(but pressing enter file is close.)
comes, plz right me....? 
thanxxX a lot of,
byeeeeeeeeeeeeesanwal2008-03-11 10:09:41

11.03.2008, 18:14
This is a message that comes up when a user has created something with a student version of an Autodesk product.  That means that you have some data in the drawing that was made with student version.I am curious, that the previous post's suggestion get rid of it?

12.03.2008, 10:26
 I think your answer is correct because the students educations programms or trials don't offers all features that has a licensed program.

12.03.2008, 14:58
I used the student versions of different Autodesk products and they seem to be fully functional except for the STUDENT VERSION water mark put in them.  I have only used them to learn the software, which is their intenet.  Good idea on Autodesk's part I think.

12.03.2008, 15:28
its ok, but for now what should i do?
how i can remove this error from my 50 to 60 files,
plz give me reasonable advise.

12.03.2008, 16:16
I don't know if it can be removed.  I don't know how.  I found that if i create an object in a student version (even just a line) and bring it into a regular version, that file will now have the student disclaimer on it.  I don't think Autodesk will tell you how to remove it either because then anyone using a student version can take those steps and remove it from their drawings.You might have to recreate your data in a full version.  Plus, do not import any of that "corrupted data" into your new drawings, they will be corrupt too!!Sorry.

12.03.2008, 18:52
If you have a full version that you are using, can't you highlight your lines and copy it to clipboard then paste it into a new full version .dwg file?
As long as you only take the necessary line segments and what not you should be able to paste it into new drawing file.Breeze1042008-03-12 18:54:51

12.03.2008, 18:54
I've found that the student version error message follows whatever you copy.

12.03.2008, 18:57
Well if that is the case then the only options left is to redraw..

12.03.2008, 20:04
  Sorry.  I don't know of any way to get rid of it.

Vladimir Michl
12.03.2008, 20:11
Just a comment - technically it is neither an "error message" nor "corrupted data". AutoCAD just warns about a possible breach of the license agreement - data from EDU versions must not be used in commercial projects.

Contact your AutoCAD vendor for "cleaning" CAD data in emergency situations.

13.03.2008, 11:01
okies, no problem.....!
now these drawings creating problem, but next time i ll care, plzzZ
do not forget this kind of error, if any time u find any solution plzzZ give
response, i ll be cery thankfull to u,

30.04.2008, 14:00
the problem file should be saved as dxf first. then open back the file using AutoCAD 2007. Then save the file in dwg format. Then from there you should be able to print as usual.