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25.03.2014, 19:24
I was working in a drawing I have edited several times. I was going to change the properties of some objects when the properties palette came up after selecting some of the object on different layers it only shows the current layer in the palette. Then I went out of AutoCad and into a new drawing I have the same effect.This pic shows what I selected note that the layer and the color stayed the same. I have picked 2 layers and also two colors.

John Connor
25.03.2014, 21:51
Interesting problem.

26.03.2014, 14:32
Thanks John that helped.I did find that I had to do a reinstall.Just to let anyone else who might run across this problem.

John Connor
26.03.2014, 15:31
You mentioned previously you were not going to pay attention to my posts so any suggestions I might have had would have been ignored anyway.  I would have suggested resetting your Profile first before going through all the trouble of a REINSTALL.  If that didn't work a REPAIR of the installation would have fixed the problem once again avoiding having to go to a REINSTALL.
John Connor2014-03-26 15:34:19

26.03.2014, 16:43
So why the post at all.Yes I did both before posting.

John Connor
26.03.2014, 22:33
It was a sympathy post.  I didn't want you to feel neglected.  LoL