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28.02.2008, 15:20
I am trying to batch plot (publish) a set of drawings. I get to the point where I create a dwf file but I am not sure how to actually plot after this point. Am I correct in creating a dwf file? I think I am on the right track. How do I import a page set-up template?

06.03.2008, 10:13
 See this:

12.06.2008, 07:26
hi ya,
in addition to this. i know how publish works etc.
im trying to do batch pdfing through publish as its a customer requirement to produce pdf's.
i used to do it in the previous company i was with but when you used publish with a pdfing tool, publish would open print and close the drawings infront of you instead of doing it in the background.
what is the command to change this feature as the company im with atm its trying to do it in the background. it creates the first pdf then says its finished when its not.
thanks in advance
edit: sorry i found it.
from pull down menu
select plot and publish file
mid way on left side is the selection box for publishing in foreground or background. de-ticking them makes autocad publish and print in the foreground.sim_rx32008-06-12 07:35:59