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30.07.2009, 10:15
Hello!Can you suggest me any extension of AutoCAD if I'd like to create simple schemes for railway? (I though about using AutoCAD because I guess it is the best software for this purpose. I also thought about Visio but I guess AutoCAD is better choice. And I also heard about local solution Can you also suggest me any tutorials about AutoCAD for railway solutions? I need to create things like these: or!

31.07.2009, 08:54

Hello,If you want to draw in autocad by hand I think it's a smart way to do it with block's and measure command in this way:1) make a block of the prefab concrete2) with MEASURE command you can arrange the one after each other at the distance between the ax of the concrete's one ideea.... I didn't heard something for railways ... I'm curios if somebody it's indicate you a software...Good luck

01.08.2009, 03:43
You can also create special linetypes using shape files also to make your simple design.  As long as it is simple lines or Polylines (No Hatches) in Express tools you can create linetypes.