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21.03.2012, 16:48
Hey, need a advice which range hood are flexible to use, i want to buy a range hoods for my family,My home has a nice corridor, any one Please help me to refer a range hood.

John Connor
21.03.2012, 17:54
Consult the manufacturer's website of the range that you bought.

22.03.2012, 21:55

Looks like an EPIC FAIL spammer.

23.03.2012, 21:05
By the way, sorry to say about my range hoods, i'm designing my new home plan where i'm set a place where the range are placed, i'm share the design quickly.thank you.

John Connor
23.03.2012, 23:52
So did you find a hood or not?  Did you check the website of the manufacturer of your range?