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09.03.2016, 23:58
Hi!Is it possible to reassign the pan function (mid button press by default) to one of the side buttons of my mouse without 3rd party apps or factory drivers on Windoes 7 with AutoCAD 2016? I guess CUI macros will not achieve the same functionality as the regular pan and as far as I can see the Windows basic driver can not remap any button to anything else. Am I stuck and the only way is to install Setpoint and remap mid-button functionality to other buttons there? *This way I have to fight my way through IT, who are in the process of replacing my brand new mouse which had a really bad mid click with another one that will probably be just as bad :DSo I should find a pan workaround just in case and alo I want to work without a hurting hand until that arrives...

John Connor
10.03.2016, 11:33
Before you go home tonight buy an Intellimouse and swap it for the bad mouse the next morning.  These things are ridiculously cheap.  No hand pain, no workarounds, and no waiting for IT to get off their fat bums and do it for you.Another option is to just use the command alias < P > to start the command.  How difficult is that to do?

John Connor2016-03-10 20:17:17

17.03.2016, 23:01
Thank you for the reply. Well installing the Setpoint solved it. This time the IT guys made an exception with "3rd party" software :D Otherwise I like it now...