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Breda Corrigan
27.01.2016, 17:40

Hoping someone can help,

I have a project, lots of files and lots of folders which
has been moved.

The reference were attached with full path listed but as the
drive mapping has changed they are all missing. Is there any way I can reset
the x-refs to no path without opening each file?

Would be a game of hide and seek to find them all in a mass
of subfolders!

Once reset I can use the project settings in the profile to
get AutoCAD to search for the files but this doesn’t work if the path is present.
Or maybe I am missing a setting somewhere.

Apologies if this is dealt with in another topic.

Thank you


Vladimir Michl
27.01.2016, 18:43

You can use the Reference Manager (Start > Autodesk > AutoCAD 20xx) for this.

Breda Corrigan
27.01.2016, 19:35

yes thanks, I can use that if I work through a few folders at a time but the whole project is just too big , will that pick up images as well ? was hoping there was a magic button :)