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01.08.2009, 19:45
How i can directly Rename Block with help of excel in Autocad? OR LARGE SCALE(more then 100 diffrent name of block in drawing) OF RENAME OF BLOCK?(mean if I change name of block in excel connected sheet then it reflect in Autocad)

03.08.2009, 20:20
From what I gather you're wanting to change the name of a block, or blocks you've used several times in a drawing so that your data extraction will be correct?
I use 2008 & the way I go about it is with the command RENAME. Simple as that.
When you enter the command you'll get a dialogue box that allows you to change many things including dimension styles, viewports, layers, and yes even blocks.
That's what i know about cad. I don't know how you're using Excel. I'm just not that well versed in the program yet.