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16.10.2009, 12:37
Iím sure there is a cad function that will allow me to do what I need to that I am just not aware of so Iíll put it out there for the pros.Hope I can address this without making it too confusing.
I have several drawings that will be used to do Process Hazard Analysisís at our plant. These drawings are already set with layers, properties, etc.
During our hazard reviews we will only be following certain lines and I would like to Highlight these lines in a single color, and the lines not being used as part of the review will be set to black. After the reviews I would like to revert all lines back to their original layers and properties.
The way I have been accomplishing this is to save dwg 001 as 001pha, then on dwg 001pha Iíve been changing all line colors to black, then adding a layer, called Node One,etc with the line thickness and color set as and placing the lines being followed on these new layers.I feel like this can be accomplished without having to create a separate file. Can someone direct me to the proper way of accomplishing this? Thanks