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07.09.2010, 19:03
I had to reinstall autocad 2009 on a new hard drive.  On the previous install the right-click in drawing area short cut menu worked.  On this new install it does not from the onset.  I have done enormous research online and nothing seems to help. One topic was posted here which is why I am asking here.  His problem was the mouse, I think, it wasn't clear. Anyway here goes:

checked the settings in options/user pref/right...-yes
   changed them, enter works fine, command bar short works, tool bar short works fine, shift-rightclick brings up osnap menu, and reset back in a varity of ways
checked pickfirst set to 1-yes
checked noun/verb relation set-yes
check mouse settings -all is good
manually changed shortcutmenu variable-no good

the only thing different in this install from the last one is that I have upgraded to Carlson Civil Suite 2010

08.09.2010, 10:32
Type SHORTCUTMENU in the command line. When asked for a value, set it 11, wich is the default when you install AutoCAD.
You can also set this in Options-> User Preferences
You can find more information in AutoCAD Help.
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08.09.2010, 14:20
problem fixed.  It was a problem with the third party software Carlson 2010.  Updated it thier .cui and wala, problem gone. 

Thanks for your help. 
BTW: shortcutmenu was set at 11.