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29.06.2017, 19:09
Hey everyone! Here's the deal, I've been looking for a forum for some autocad applications just a little beyond the beginner stuff. What I'm trying to accomplish is the creation of a spreadsheet that fills itself out as I draw. My drawings are of PV systems (solar panels) and I would like to know how to have a cell contain the number of polylines drawn on a specific layer. Can anyone help me here?As a follow up question, is there an authoritative place I can go to research and find the answers to  questions like this on my own?Thanks!

Vladimir Michl
01.07.2017, 17:59
There may be no existing application for this specific task but it can be done - see e.g. the Click2XLS utility in the Download area for populating a spreadsheet with clicked coordinates or texts.You may also use DATAEXTRACTION and an associative table with results of this extraction embedded in the drawing.See: