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04.02.2011, 17:42

Hi everyone, Im designing PV-Roofsystems.My idea is to do my shading analysis with ACAD2009.i got a roof and a PV-sistem on top. For example a chimney is causing a shadow during the day, that moves over the roof and PV-system (e.g. every 10 min from dawn till dusk).if id render every 10 sec. it would be not very time effective, so my question is: is there an automation that would ease this operation? AndIs it possible to sum up all the shadows in one picture? So that i can see the complete area shaded in one day?furthermore: Is it possible to measure the shadowintensity after summation or in other word, is it possible to assign probertys to a surface, such as absorption? so that some areas of the surface capture less light then particularly shaded ones?thanks for answers or suggestions!!!cheers
dermaggo2011-02-04 17:45:23

John Connor
04.02.2011, 23:32
I don't think shade analysis is one of plain AutoCAD's strong points.  Have you looked into software written specifically for the task?

07.02.2011, 08:57
John thnx for the respond. I thought so, but i just wanted to ask some prof. users before i give up.i do use other programs for that purpose, just dont think they are really good...