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30.04.2018, 23:05
i'm tired of sign up and pay for crapy website and autocad files and i start building a website everyone to share and download for free without registering and pay free 100% check it.

John Connor
01.05.2018, 00:18's the catch?

01.05.2018, 09:42
Dear John I swear there is no catch, it's not my's from other engineers, no catch just tired of paying for something supposed to be free, also I use free WordPress template free google drive it's costing me less than 50usd per year and I want to push all other cad sharing websites to edge and make them give us all resources for free. I'm not alone there ppl like me on the internet tired of such bullsh*t so trust me there is a catch, i hope u also help us.Also, John I some years back before I start I saw ur comment some website dick move just posting a link on this blog. I think deep down ur like us believe in fairness. 

John Connor
01.05.2018, 11:13
So what kinds of files are we talking about exactly?  I usually do not click on links posted in forums.

01.05.2018, 14:52
as the name goes, editable files like .dwg AutoCAD files, sketch up files, SolidWorks fils etc 

John Connor
01.05.2018, 15:52
What kinds of categories?

01.05.2018, 16:14
Noble concept, but you're really going to need a LOT more interested parties uploading content.Most all categories (Sketchup, Catia, Solidworks, Adobe) yield: "No Post found".The two .dwg files listed were editable.

01.05.2018, 17:09
tnx Robert_D we have just started 40 days ago. we have a lot of files organizing to post with helpful SEO keywords to be on the top of seach engines. it may take time but everthing will be easy and free 

06.05.2018, 08:51