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02.02.2011, 21:25

Anyone know why a sheet set would cease to automatically open with the
associated dwg?I'm not sure what changed recently, but over the past couple days my sheet sets haven't been opening automatically.They are still where I created them, and when I manually open them, they still work perfectly fine.Any ideas?HAWDesigner2011-02-02 22:06:38

03.02.2011, 08:09
I looked for it... Also in my 2009 book but I didnt fount annything... But when save my drawing (with a open sheet set manager) as a DWT drawing and i replace the acad & the acadiso. He wil open the sheet set manager when I start up AutoCAD.

John Connor
03.02.2011, 12:37
I have an idea.
I think the system variables of SSLOCATE and SSMAUTOOPEN must both be set to a value of 1 in order to automatically open your sheet set.  Have you checked the value of either variable during the course of your troubleshooting?
Controls whether the sheet set associated with a drawing is located and opened when the drawing is opened.
Controls the display behavior of the Sheet Set Manager when a drawing associated with a sheet is opened.John Connor2011-02-03 12:40:51

03.02.2011, 15:57

Nailed it, John!! Thanks. Somehow they were both set to 0.[VAR]SSLOCATE[/VAR] = 1[VAR]SSMAUTOOPEN[/VAR] = 1
HAWDesigner2011-02-03 15:57:55

John Connor
03.02.2011, 16:07
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03.02.2011, 16:36

John Connor
03.02.2011, 16:44
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03.02.2011, 16:51
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John Connor
03.02.2011, 16:58
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03.02.2011, 17:06
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