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21.03.2014, 07:38
I can't find way to show the 3D autocad drawing detail lines again after the command HIDE, anyone can answer? Much thanks!var vglnk = vglnk || {api_url: '//', key: '0dff9ade2d1125af6c910069b6d6e155', reaffiliate: false};

John Connor
21.03.2014, 10:46

26.03.2014, 06:15

the command can't reveal the detail lines!

John Connor
26.03.2014, 10:25
Then I have no idea what you are talking about.  Post an image or upload a drawing or both otherwise we'll just be wasting our time trying to guess what you are after.

philippe JOSEPH
26.03.2014, 10:37
Hello hans58, it's philippe57.
Maybe it's this that you want :

John Connor
26.03.2014, 10:39
One would think that anyone working in 3D would be familiar with visual styles but I guess that isn't always the case.