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25.11.2013, 22:59

Hi everyone,can anyone help me create a shurb line type as per the attached file.because each time I tried to create the line - i receive a message saying this is a continous line. Thx uploads/418057/Shurb.rar

John Connor
26.11.2013, 11:41
You can't use a block.  It has to be a shape file.Look at these two commands found in Express Tools: MKSHAPE and MKLTYPE.
John Connor2013-11-26 13:27:06

26.11.2013, 18:05

it is just a polyline that I am trying to use to define the shurb shape

John Connor
26.11.2013, 18:08
You said "linetype" in your original post.  I told you how to do it.  If you find a better way then by all means use it.  When you do come back and share your success with us.  We all like to learn new things.  Have fun!