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02.12.2013, 21:25
Hi,Working on Autocad Mechanical 2013. I'm an inventor designing parts for my 3d printer, all works well except: I've just used the utility here to convert some stl files to a dfx format. The converted files open, however instead of a closed object such as a gear being one part, it's over 2480 parts! Every faucet on the surface is a separate part. With my limited knowledge in AutoCad concepts I've tried everything to convert these parts into usable objects but nothing seems to work. If I select the parts and "convert to solid" I get a notification that these parts can't be converted.How would one combine all the thousands of parts that result when doing an stl conversion into simpler more usable objects?  Thanks in advance if anyone here could share some insight. 

17.12.2013, 19:19
I not sure what tool you used to convert but this happens
with some tools. Try Inventor Fusion 2013 R1 free from Autodesk. You open the
file with Inventor Fusion then save as to change it to dwg, dxf, dwf, or an
array of other formats.

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26.12.2013, 15:38
autodesk is a very good software for this work you can see more recommendations here.
janetkissho2013-12-26 15:39:18

John Connor
26.12.2013, 16:18
AutoDesk is a company; Inventor is just one of the programs (software) they are responsible for.

23.01.2014, 17:18
I know the this post is old but the file for Inventor Fusion 2013 has moved and is hard to findYou can go here to get the Inventor Fusion 2013 free. comment.There is a 32bit and 64bit insure that you download the correct version for you system.Not confuse "Inventor Fusion 2013" with "Inventor" Great For Converting files between most 3d software. Sorry it does not do PDF.