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24.07.2009, 19:06
When I open cad it starts up with everything set for a 3D drawing. UCS and grid... how can I change it back to normal?Thanks

24.07.2009, 19:40
Hi Friend. U just go to File menu and click New, It will pop out a window of Autocad templates, just click acad.dwt, this will open a normal drawing with simple interfaces on it. Another way of solving this problem is that click at blank space of toolbars at top or any where else, it will open a menu, click Acad on it, so it will open a long menu of toolbars. Now click on view, now a tool bar pop out with different icons of view, just click on Top View icon. NOw open another toolbar of visual styles and click on the 2D wireframe icon. This will make ur drawing at the normal 2D view. Ok Bye!

24.07.2009, 20:31
your methods work great...but acad still goes back to the 3D settings and opens with a blank drawing in 3D mode... with a 3D UCS and wireframe. I'd like to have it open with a plain model space for 2D drawings. ThanksCadman33619