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03.08.2017, 21:13
I have a rectangular pline defining the size of a aluminium window. Then I have a rather complex pline defining the aluminium profile. How can I have the base of the profile defined so, that my 3D-result after sweeping still is dimensionally accurate?

John Connor
04.08.2017, 12:28
Can you attach a copy of your drawing (not an image) so we can see what you have so far?  It should include the profile and a rectangle defining the inside dimensions of the window.

04.08.2017, 18:50
Thank you John for replying so soon!I have a dxf including the original profile (2D) and the outside line describing the size of the window frame. I made a simplified pline also, that would surely be enough to visualize the sweeped frame. The glas is naturally inside the frame. See 3DHope you will get it somehow. I cannot find you mail right away, but I will try...greetings uploads/228353/Alu1.dwg Jukka