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07.11.2010, 08:44
Hi Every one,I'm using autoCAD 2010 since few days in my cad when opening new file or restart of autocad system variable values are becoming '0'  egg. fill mode, mbutton pan , zoom factors this types of  command going to 0 i try to reinstall autcad then also problem not solve and when i reset the system variable values untill i close restart of autocad or open nay other cad file its ok after i open any cad file or restart of autcad its same problem please any one can help me to solve this problem this irritating me thanks

09.11.2010, 02:22
Are you using any custom lisp routines that are loading at startup?Are you running any 3rd party add-on programs with Autocad?

09.11.2010, 08:49

CAD64 Thanks for your reply,I'm not using any lisp files and 3d add-on program,please give me solution waiting for that,thanking you,Muqq2010-11-09 08:49:55

Vladimir Michl
09.11.2010, 08:58
Your user profile is being probably reset on each AutoCAD launch (using some custom mechanism) or you have no read/write access to your profile.

11.11.2010, 10:41
System variable setting is also one of big issue,well u all have discussed well about it and I really appreciate with that.Thanks for sharing itDisaster Recovery Plan