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02.02.2016, 12:03
hi,    I have a layout plan in format of dwg. and i want to set it in different panels on paper size of A3 and A1, and my drawing scale is 3/64" in A3 and scale 3/32" in A1. So which text height will be use in both scales in 1 model space.

philippe JOSEPH
02.02.2016, 14:03

Hello Zuhaib, if you place your texts in model space you should multiply the height of your layout height by the scale of the viewport ( if any ).3/32" = 1/128 so if you want to have 3.5 mm height text printed at scale 1/1 on an A1 paper size multiply the 3.5 height by 128 ( 448 ).By the way, what standards are you using : Imperial or Metric ?1/128 is the ZOOM that you will apply when setting your view ports if you don't use the scale available on your computer in the scale list. Eventually, place here an example of your drawings so we can take a look at it to see the settings, dimensions, etc...Eventually take a look on the internet for example at CADTutor - Scale Factors - Imperial and Metric.

philippe JOSEPH2016-02-02 14:10:04

John Connor
02.02.2016, 16:44
Metric paper sizes but imperial units?  Now that's a recipe for disaster.Personally I'd put any text or dimensions in the layout and forget using scale factors.