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02.03.2008, 22:24
Hi Guys My first posting so bear with me. First of all I am relative new to autocad 2007..... ok new to autocad full stop. I am really enjoying getting to grips with it, I have the basic know how and I have been thrown in at the deep end by a Interior design company who have asked me to produce 3d walkthroughs, "yeah ok I could have said I cannot do that but how do I say that to my girlfriend who runs the I teach ICT. Ok sorry about babbling on. My question, first of all I have took a 2d floor plan produce by the said girlfriend and turned it into a 3d model, by converting the outer walls and some of the inner walls to polylines and then used the presspull to get the height that I needed. When I apply a texture it applys to the inside of the outer wall as well as the interior walls, and I only want it to apply to certain parts. Please help what am I doing wrong?regards John aka Swampy