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02.02.2011, 14:30
Hello, does anyone know hoe to make hatches of stripes?
(not just lines, but stripes of solid color) and how can I control the thickness of those stripes, and their density?

John Connor
02.02.2011, 14:39

Have you considered using the Super Hatch command found in Express Tools?Are you using this hatch pattern to denote structures (like walls) or existing pipes (like utility pipes) to be demolished on an architectural plan?Another option for creating your own custom hatch patterns...
John Connor2011-02-02 14:58:49

02.02.2011, 14:59
I need to fill different parts of architectural plan by different uses (lets say green/broun stripes for public open spaces and, green/black stripes for privat open spaces). I'll try the super hatch, but ther's must be an easyer way to do that. isn't it?

John Connor
02.02.2011, 15:06
Maybe if you were using a program like ArcGIS but in plain AutoCAD I think you would have to use Super Hatch with the Image option.