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19.03.2012, 08:39
did anyone know a way or command to quickly check if the lines are overlapped or disconnected in the drawing??
it really gave me a pain due to that, becasue i was always trying to find out where the lines were overlapped or disconnected when they could not be joint as a polyline.
thanks!hgf_21_xy2012-03-19 08:40:16

John Connor
19.03.2012, 10:52
I think you can clean up overlapping lines with the OVERKILL command.As far as connecting lines you could use the JOIN command with a "fuzz" factor of "0".

19.03.2012, 23:29
OVERKILL is the command for the job...but it's version-dependant. 
OVERKILL used to be only an Express Tools command and goes back to about 2005 or so.  It only became available in LT in 2012 as far as I know.  So unless the OP has the full version of AutoCAD or LT 2012 overkill might not be available.

06.04.2012, 10:13
Hi guys,
Thank you for your reply!
Unfortunately I can not use "overkill" command, since I am working with AutoCAD LT 2010.
Do you know other ways to check?hgf_21_xy2012-04-06 10:14:28

John Connor
06.04.2012, 12:58
You'll have to do a search for a diesel macro that will do the same thing assuming that one even exists.