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19.12.2014, 13:10
I find customized settings from AutoCAD 2000 useful & could transfer OK up until 2010.  Now having the 2014 version I find transfer to "acad2014doc" off limits.
;;; === Originally defined in ACAD.mnl === we would add startup defun routines
All the other transfers of special menu pull-downs, Toolbars & icon buttons are straight forward & most work after accepting prompt box on screen, but some remain dead without addition to "acad2014doc".
Could anyone suggest alternative location folder for our startup routines that would work.

John Connor
19.12.2014, 13:24
You could try creating/using ACADDOC.LSP or the StartUp Suite.Do not modify the reserved file acad2014doc.lsp; it contains
AutoLISP-defined functions required by AutoCAD. The file acad2014doc.lsp
is loaded into memory immediately before acaddoc.lsp.
John Connor2014-12-19 13:27:47