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22.11.2013, 18:18

Holding Shift Key while in trim command does not activate extend command in Autocad2014. Holding Shift Key does not allow deletion from selection set of items previously selected. Advice/System variable?

John Connor
22.11.2013, 19:39
Unless it has something to do with PICKADD (which should be set to 1) I'm not sure what could cause that to happen.  Did you try a reboot?  Maybe it is a temp glitch?Did you make any edits to the Shortcut keys section of your CUIx?Are you using any other AutoDesk software on this computer like Raster Design or Civil 3D?

John Connor2013-11-22 19:49:26

22.11.2013, 20:27
Thank you John but that it not it.Seems to be a function of holding down the Shift Key.I can gett toggle between shift/extend if I hold shift key and then let go and select.

John Connor
22.11.2013, 21:07
What happens if you switch Workspaces?Have you tried resetting your Profile?